I.S. Levitz - Ilona Levitz - Abstract Painter
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The Hartford Courant / April 28, 1991
Art ReviewJude Schwendenwien
“Of the four framed images on this wall the best is I.S. Levitz’s “Blue”…

JOURNAL INQUIRER / April 17, 1998
Different Approaches To Abstraction
Steve Starger..
“…..the work captures the disparate spirits of Francis Scott Key, Jimi Hendrix (for his apocalyptic version of “The Star Spangled Banner” at Woodstock, and Johns, while remaining connected to Levitz’s other works.”

Hartford Advocate / September 23, 2004
Color, Collage And Politics
Patricia Rosoff
“Ilona Levitz is represented with a glowing “Remembering Magnolias”. Lyrical and airy in the broad field of it’s center…….”

Hartford Advocate / October 2, 2003
A Wealth Of Painterly Talent
Patricia Rosoff
I.S. Levitz’s jewel-like collages….are magnificent,

HOME LIVING / Winter, 2006
Jane Gordon
“Ilona Levitz’s talent with color, with geometry, with expressiveness, is evident in the same way a singer hits a high note and holds on.”

THE JEWISH LEDGER / April 10, 2009
Cindy Mindell
‘Levitz converts the landscape into a vibrant original body of work.”

Hannah Vahl
“Vibrant colors mark new I.S. Levitz exhibit.”

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